Friday, June 5, 2009

Babydoll and Little Lamb

If I start this post with a whole long time no blog thing I'll never get much written. SO I'll just jump ahead.

Babygirl is no longer the baby in this home. Her little sister joined us April 27, 2009. And while there are a few small physical resemblances between the two, I am amazed at how unalike my 2 little girls are.

It seems strange for babygirl to not be the "baby" anymore. Of course in a way she still is a "baby" not having even reached 2 years yet. But all of the sudden I have visions of her growing up, of her someday being my friend and not just my sweet little baby. I guess I feel the need to rename her as far as endearing nicknames go. And I've decided she'll always be my little "dolly".
OK, while it is convenient that her name happens to rhyme, she is really such a babydoll in so many ways. My little girl of the golden curls, rosebud cheeks, big eyes, and long lovely lashes looks like she came straight from a Madame Alexander box (well when she isn't covered in spaghetti sauce etc...) Although it seems vain to admit it, I can't help but notice that my oldest daughter is a very pretty child. This both delights and frightens me at the same time. But my little dolly is so much more than that. She is cuddly and loving, and eager to please. Her easy going and relatively unselfish (she is almost 2 you know) personality are so endearing. And as our first so long awaited child she will always be the fulfillment of my childhood dream. The culmination of all my days playing "mommy" as little girl, my sweet little dolly.

And now we have been joined by my "little lamb". And no, I didn't go for a rhyme this time, didn't seem right to refer to my new little one as my little "feather". For some reason I began referring to our sweet little baby as my little lamb before her birth. Although as a family we called her "Bob"- that's another story. But in those quiet moments when I contemplated this new little life inside of me she was my little lamb. I even bought a lamb as her special stuffed animal. And I can already see her "lambykin"-ness coming through. (Yes I get a little close to baby talk w/ that one) Of course if you ever stopped by the sheep barn at the fair, well she sure sounds like one. Unlike babydoll - her "Does your baby ever cry?" sister - little lamb makes her presence and opinions known. But she also knows her mommy. Unlike babydoll who was happy w/ anyone and anywhere, my sweet little lamb needs a mommy to shepherd to her through the day. I will say that, like different qualities in her sister, this both delights and frightens me at the same time. I also see in her an intent alertness that her analytical momma finds fascinating and wonderful.

So where is this all going. I am trying to enjoy my precious little ones and not project the future. But I can't help but ponder....How much fun and laughter raising such a cheerful one as babydoll will bring...How much delightful discovery and learning an inquisitive one like little lamb will add to our home. Then of course how can my momma's heart help but worry...will babydoll's beauty and tender heart bring her pain...Will little lambs pensive spirit cause her difficulty... I guess I am so blessed to know that God made them each just the way they are supposed to be. They are both so different. I am so glad I can rest in the knowledge that His plan for each one is perfect.