My Story

I was blessed to grow up with great parents who taught me to love God and understand how valuable I am to Him.  I was a smart kid who excelled in school, and was terrible at sports.  I got a good academic education at our local public schools and an excellent spiritual education from my parents and our church's youth program.  I moved from upstate NY to central Illinois to attend Bradley University.  It was a complete "God-thing" that I ended up out here in IL.  I received my degree in Physical Therapy, and decided to stay in central Illinois. 
At the age of 22 I start dating my first and last "boyfriend".  Waiting until 22 was not really my choice, but has been such a blessing.  I married my "taxman" at 23.  After 3 years of marriage we found ourselves to be unwillingly childless.  I went through 4 months of very stressful infertility treatments without success.   In our 9th year of marriage we went through a heartbreaking failed foster care adoption.  Yet God is faithful. Three days after we found out for certain we would be losing our 2 little boys, we discovered I was pregnant with our precious Holly (aka "babydoll" on the blog).  Four days after Holly's 1st birthday we discovered Heather (aka "little lamb") was on the way. 
So now I am a 38 year old mom of 2 preschoolers.  I still work as a PT, 5 to 10 hours a week.  I love my job, and the girls love spending time with grandma and grandpa.  But most of my time is spent on the home front. I have also just recently discovered that I am a homeschooler.   We have chosen not to send our girls to traditional preschool, but "do school" at home.  And we are most likely going to homeschool our oldest for kindergarten this fall. 

With this new venture into homeshooling I feel some need for accountability and a place to "work out my thoughts"    So I am reviving my blog.  I'm still getting organized - so please bear with me while things are "under construction."