Friday, February 8, 2013

February is decluttering month!

Each year during tax season I try to set aside some time for decluttering. The first year I did a 40 boxes in 40 days challenge. I ended up getting rid of way more than 40 boxes of stuff, and the house could finally breathe. It is still way better just from that initial decluttering, but I have found that we continue to accumulate through out the year. Also our needs change, something that was essential 2 years ago is superfluous now.

For this year I choose the month of February and set a goal of 20 boxes. This is my box:

It is an orange box, and you may note that I occasionally use the top as "the box as well, since it is the same size.

On a calendar I assigned specific areas to each day, except Sundays. The goal is to declutter the entire area, but even if I get something done each day it helps. I give myself several days for large areas. And I try to assign small areas or the beginning of a large area to days when I know I will be busy.

In the first week I have already found 6 boxes of stuff to get rid of:

From the girls'/guest bathroom

From the coat closet

From our 2 small linen/storage closets

I always think there won't be much to get rid of, then I find a lot of stuff. For example I love Trivial Pursuit. I am really good at it. But most of my friends and family are not. And I am not much fun to play with since I usually win. We haven't opened it in years. We have many other fun games that are mentally challenging and enjoyed by all. I have kept it for sentimental reasons. I still remember how excited I was getting it for Christmas as a kid. (Yes I am geeky that way). But now I want to let it go, because I don't use it, and I can still remember how much I liked it years ago, without having the actual box.

Today I start tackling "the office". Which is code name for the room with the printer and router in it where I put everything that doesn't have a home. It is our disaster area, the room where the door is shut when people are visiting. It is probably worthy of some before and after pictures....we shall see.