Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I made bread. Real wheat bread. Now I have made many a quick bread in my time. And I have made "real" bread with experienced bread makers on occasion. But this time I made it all by myself. (Well I did have the eager assistance of my 2 y/o) I will confess that I used a no-knead recipe. I chose this recipe so I could work through the slightly daunting "rising and punching" part first. And then move on to the scarier tricky sounding "kneading" part.

The recipe made three loaves, which taste excellent and look great. It is a bit light though, not quite dense enough to use for a good sandwich. I am guessing that is where the kneading comes in. Since I managed the rising and punching so well I am looking forward to getting to the next level. Maybe I'll try some kneading tomorrow!

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Just call me Suzy Q said...

Debbie, Isn't bread making an adventure? I too am just starting out. Last week was my first "soaked" loaf. That's where you soak the flour overnight in an acid medium to reduce the phytic acid and provide better absorption of nutrients once it's eaten. Then you make the bread the next day! It made one huge loaf. About the size of a normal loaf of bread. I got the pans (disposable, although I'll just wash and resuse)at a local grocery store. I'd never seen loaf pans so huge, I'm so glad I finally found a recipe to fill one up! Now I'm just experimenting with different grains. My only complaint was that I used a flour (White Whole Wheat Ultragrain (from Walmart) the first time that required adding more vital gluten (which I chose not to, just to see what it would do)...so this time I'm using a diferent flour combo. Spelt and Whole Wheat, Still rising but it sure smells good! Good Luck on your bread making adventure!