Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tackling my clothes

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I decided I really needed to weed out my wardrobe. Since I was in maternity clothes last summer I didn't weed last year. So it was long overdue. I also want to move a dresser out of our bedroom because it is just too crowded, so I had to empty out the 2 drawers that actually had clothes in them. I decided to put ALL of my clothes on my bed. (Except for some clothes in the laundry, but I figure I wear those anyway.) It looked like this:

Babygirl had a ball playing in the mountains of clothes while I started sorting. I started at a corner and worked my way in. I tried to be ruthless. I got rid of every bra with a "C" on it. If I ever get back there I'll just buy new. I also got rid of all the t-shirts that didn't quite cover my belly if I lifted my arms, and all the long sleeve shirts that didn't reach my wrist. I did keep some pants and shorts that "almost" fit. I decided if I could button it I could keep it. (I don't tend to have a lot of extra pants and shorts) Hopefully I will lose that extra ten pounds so I comfortably fit into them again. After I was done it looked like this:

I got rid of a lot, but still have a lot of clothes! I figure I need to ban myself from buying t-shirts for a couple of years maybe. Before I put things back I had to rethink my storage system. I decided not to just put things back where they were before. I would like to get a closet organizer, but that won't happen until after we paint our bedroom this summer. But I still managed to free up an entire drawer, in addition to the 2 drawers in the dresser I'm moving. And I have a lot of extra room in my closet.

So, now I can move the extra dresser. I can store some of the stuff overflowing the guest room closet in the extra dresser and my closet.

I also developed an appreciation for how blessed I really am. I have too many clothes to even wear them all. I have been to places where people who have two sets of clothing, one to wear and one to wash, are considered fortunate. I don't need any more clothes, not for a long time anyway. So, no more clothes shopping for me for now. Instead I will endeavor to remind myself of the great bounty that I have been given, and choose to be grateful.



Jen said...

Great job! Your baby looks like she had a really good time in the heap of clothes!

Yes, going through your clothes definitely makes you realize how fortunate we are in America.

Niki said...

great tackle!


Brooke said...

Bah! I totally need to do this too... I have clothes from high school sitting in my closet.

Thanks for the inspiration! I might take pictures too, it's motivational!!