Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Since I'm up...

Well, since I'm up at 1am, I might as well blog a little. Sorry for the typos in advance, as I am typing one handed, without my glasses at 1 am.

So why one handed? I'm holding a half awake baby in my left arm.

Why sans glasses? I left those in my bedroom, there is a "taxman" trying to sleep in there. And you just don't wake a sleeping taxman at 1 am in the month of March if you can possibly avoid it.

Why 1 am? I think it may be because I had caffeine. No, I didn't have caffeine just before bed so I'm wide awake. I had some caffeine about 12 hours ago, its effects on my synapses have long worn off, so the bed looks wonderful. But for some reason when I put more than 25 mg of caffeine in my body it turns poor babygirl into a screaming gassy insomniac.

I just wanted a little extra energy for the cleaning spree I did today. I figured her digestive tract has matured, surely she could tolerate a little. She always sleeps through the night. (This said in a pitiful whiney voice) Will I ever learn.

Normally I'm a cry it out momma. I am rarely holding my child at 1 am. But I have chosen not to be a scream it out writhing in pain momma. Especially as I feel the guilt of inflicting it on my poor child. She seems to do better if I hold her upright, except that she is burping and passing gas like a bunch of Jr Hi boys on a campout.

Ahhhhhhh... finally she is asleep. Time for both of us to go back to bed. Maybe she last longer than 45 minutes this time. (This is the fourth time she has been up) Funny 20 minutes ago it was torturous, watching her discomfort, listening to her scream. Now its a rare treat, her little face snuggled to my chest, kissing her fuzzy little head. What is more precious than a sleeping baby? Part of me could sit here for hours studying her precious face and hands. But another part of me just yawned. And tomorrow this snuggly little one will want to play and eat and have her diaper changed. She needs a momma to be able to be responsible to care for her and be awake.... without any caffeine!

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Courtney said...

isn't it amazing how things affect them? Lila's big trigger is orange juice - mommy can have a little cup of it - but anymore than that makes for a very unhappy baby! Hope you all got some sleep