Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cloth diapers, and organic ketchup...

...no, not together. The organic ketchup is in my fridge. The cloth diapers are on babygirl's bottom. But it is somewhat of a marvel to me that both are in my home at all.

I have never considered myself an environmentalist, a hippie, or particularly "crunchy" (a term I have just recently found). I have always considered myself to be a practical, common sense, indpendent type. It never really occurred to me before that the same result can come from two different points of view.

A few years ago my brother and sister-in-law announced they were eating organic. We love them so we humored them. They are kind considerate people, so they aren't pushy about it when they visit. And they live a few hundred miles away so we don't eat together too often anyway. But, living in the middle of corn and soybean country, saying "organic" often includes an eyeroll or snicker. Well, now organic has entered my cupboard and refridgerator. And yes I do occasionally snicker and roll my eyes at myself. To be honest I don't really care that it is "organic." I am really just trying to avoid all the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils that are in prepared foods. And although I've gone natural and homemade for many things, I really haven't had the opportunity to make my own ketchup or barbeque sauce. So organic ketchup and BBQ sauce it is. And when the price is congruent, I've started to "go organic" on other things too, guess a few less pesticides isn't a bad thing.

Funny thing is, when my sister-in-law was visiting I began to explain my new strategy to cut the junk out of our food. Her reply, "That's why we started eating organic. Back then you couldn't find hardly anything natural unless it was organic." So I will make it official, Chrissy you were way ahead, I beg forgiveness for every rotating iris, and covered mouth chuckle. It is amazing what you learn when you adjust your point of view.

So that brings me to babygirl's bottom. Which I must say looks so much cuter in her colorful Thirsties diaper covers and Bumgenius 3.o's. I certainly don't miss the orange and green Whinnie the Pooh cartoons. But, ummm... I didn't choose cloth for all the great "crunchy" feel good reasons. Sure it is nice to have less garbage, to have more natural materials against her skin. But mostly it is a great money saver and I have honestly found it to be more convenient. However, I am quickly becoming a cloth diaper advocate. They are really fun, really easy, and even less smelly than disposables. But, I laugh as I wonder how I would have reacted to myself a few years ago. I am sure that as I listened to the wonders of cloth, I would have been rolling my eyes and snickering about that too. It is amazing how different things sound with a change in point of view.

Ten years ago, as new bride, I would have not just snickered but laughed heartily at the suggestion of organic ketchup and cloth diapers being in my home. I think me at 23 would think me at 33 was a little off her rocker. I guess I never expected to really grow and change as much as I have. And, its not just in my point of view about the "crunchy" things. I hope me at 23 would have humored me and loved me anyway, because she might just have learned what an adjusted point of view could do. Actually, I guess she did. And maybe I'll stop rolling my eyes so much, because well... who knows what I'll be like at 43 =)


Jillian said...

Well, all I can say is -- good for you!!!

I've got organic ketchup in my fridge, too. But I don't have cloth diapers on Molly's bottom!

I clicked on the web site you sited and I couldn't even figure out how the different diapers work! LOL So maybe you'll have to explain that to me. I did cloth diapers with my firstborn 15 years ago, but evidently things were different back then!

You'll never regret making healthier food choices, either. It makes a huge difference!

Christina said...

Oh Debbie that is funny. I eat organically at my house, my husband rolls his eyes and says it is because I am from California. Truth is...it is just better for you.

Now cloth diapers...hope you didn't notice my eyes rolling this morning :)