Monday, August 6, 2012

Curriculum 2012 - 2013

I have researched homeschooling styles and curriculum for more than a year. There is so much out there. The temptation is to really go crazy. But I realized just like every other area of my life the best way is to keep it simple. I try to avoid clutter, and I want that philosophy to carry over to my homeschooling. So I developed some criteria.

1) In my research I have been drawn to both classical education and delight directed learning. I wanted curriculum I use to mesh well with these styles.
2) My focus is developing basic skills in math, reading, and writing letters and numbers.
3) I want to spend less on curriculum than I would on public school. (Public school is not free here. It would cost at minimum $100 for registration and book fees, not including school supplies.)

Math: Horizons K, duplos and buttons for manipulatives.
Reading: I have the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, but currently I am trying "Blend Phonics", instructions are free online. We will also be reading books, and playing with magnetic letters and letter puzzles.
Writing: Handwriting Without Tears, Getty-Dubay
Social Studies & Science: Library books, answering questions, covering the points on our local school district's curriculum targets list.

Preschool age 3:
Join in on phonics lessons, social studies, and science. (She will insist on participating, this won't be required.)
PreK math workbook
Letter tracing

You'll notice I have 2 handwriting programs. Holly has taught herself to write most letters, but struggles with some. I have Getty-Dubay to develop better form with letters she is comfortable with. I also picked up a 2nd hand copy of handwriting without tears to teach her how to write the letters and numbers she struggles with.

We have actually already started with all of this curriculum. We "had school" several times a week when the girls asked to. Our first "official" day of kindergarten is today! The goal is to do math, reading, and writing at least 4 days a week; and social studies and science weekly.

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Jenny said...

This will be our second year using Handwriting Without Tears. My kids really enjoy it, and I'm sure yours will as well! Have a great year!