Monday, July 20, 2009

Hit and miss Tot School

Well the last 2 weeks were a bit crazy as I had some kooky medical things going. But all is well now. We did do some Tot School.

We did a lot "C" things as babydoll has quite the fascination w/ the letter "C". (I think it might be because it is also a word she uses, a lot; "See Mommy?" "See Daddy?"

"C" is for car:

We did a "C" page w/ cars on it. Then I got out the box of matchbox cars. We talked about colors and sizes, counted some of them, and then had fun crashing them off the coffee table.

Here she is coloring her car pages. We also did the "c" word puzzles: car, cat, cake, and cow. We did some "C" books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and My First Book of Colors


Babydoll loves to help clean. And since I hurt my back and we were having a big party on Saturday, she got to "help" when Grandma came to the rescue. Here she is vacuuming w/ gma.
Other Stuff
We also did wooden letter blocks, and her "ABC" agriculture coloring book. Of course we did her favorite putting tri-color rigatoni in the shaker, she actually did some sorting by color this time! And we sorted through my fabric scraps so I can make her some letter bean bags for her birthday, it was a good time to talk about colors, textures, and sizes (too big, too small).
Favorite Picture
My favorite pic from the last 2 weeks has to be the one her aunt took when we went out to dinner w/ our extended family. She had to wear her cool sunglasses, and is starting to enjoy the crayons restaurants provide. (Mommy makes similar faces when she concentrates)
We are going to be focusing on farm animals in the coming 2 weeks since lots of time will be spent at the county fair. To see what others are doing in Tot School check out 1+1+1=1!


Brooke said...

You are so fun!! You totally inspired us to start our own little Tot School :)

Susana said...

Love the sunglasses:-)!! Thank goodness for Grandma, right? Ours is close by too--thankfully:-).

Hope you are feeling better!

Heidi said...

That face is too cute! A study in concentration.