Monday, April 14, 2008

Its my Birthday...and I'll smile if I want to!

I remember seeing a few thirtysomething reruns as a teenager. They seemed older than I am... But I have definitely learned from my patients, whose average age is eightysomething, that age is what you make of it. So thirtysomething is just fine, and I hope I enjoy eightysomething someday too.

April 14th has historical significance in the U.S., the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Of course depending on your opinion that may or may not be outdone by the international significance, as the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Yes those "on this day in history" birthday cards are a bit depressing for us four-fourteeners. But my philosophy is that my birth certainly improved the date a lot.

My birthday is also bad timing in our household. There isn't any time for hoopla or fancy meals around here the day before tax season ends. In fact there is barely time to say hello, and how was your day just isn't a very good opener until after tomorrow. So babygirl and I went to dinner at my parents house. I figure they are responsible for the existence and scheduling of my birthday anyway. And further celebration will be postponed until later in the week when we can celebrate both of our birthdays together. But, I never get the free dessert anymore.

I have always loved opening presents and having birthday cake. Have I mentioned my favorite food is frosting? For the past several years my birthday has just come and gone, with modest recognition. I don't worry much about people actually forgetting it. I always talk about my coming birthday several days ahead. I figure if people forget your birthday, anniversary etc... it is your own fault. But wrapped surprises are few and far between, I guess when your a grown-up it is easier to just give you money. And I rarely get to blow out candles on the actual day. Although, usually a birthday cake for one or both of us shows up sometime during the week. But with tax season, and a shared birthday week, it just isn't "my special day" that much anymore.

But the timing is good for reflection. After tomorrow life changes. We have brief slowdown of the pace of life. A brief window between tax season and planting season to breathe. The world around us is even marking it. The grass is greening. The trees are budding. The sky was such a beautiful blue today. I have time to count blessings and make a plan to enjoy them. This is the first year I got to spend the morning of my birthday, with my child giggling in my arms. I can't imagine a greater blessing.

So even though there was no party, no presents, no cake, there is smiling. God has given me another year. A most blessed and wonderful year has passed. One filled with brightness and blessings is ahead.

A special happy birthday goes out to Jack, Julie, and Laura, others who have made an excellent contribution to improving this day in history. And happy birthday a few days late to Stephen, and a few days early to my beloved taxman. Hope your days are blessed beyond your imagination!

And don't worry, somehow this week I will get a hold of a cake w/ butter cream frosting ;)


Hadley Coble said...

Happy Birthday (a day late as usual!)'s been fun getting to know you through H@H and here! Hope you get that yummy cake with buttercream icing soon! I am hoping (for 3 years now) for an ice cream cake. The only way I can hint any stronger is to go buy it myself! Have a great day...tomorrow life gets back to normal a bit!

Connie said...

What a wonderful Birthday blog, Debbie! I am rejoicing with you today's date of April 15th and the end of tax season.

Looking forward to reading other posts in your blog as my time allows.

God Bless

Ericanaysha said...

Happy B-day!!!!!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great birthday and blessing to you for a wonderful year!